Rotary Christmas Ball 2022

The beginning of a collection!

The action

Every year, Rotary issues a unique glass Christmas bauble featuring an artwork. Proceeds from the sale go to charities.

Unique glass ball

Each ball is hand-painted from the inside by so-called ‘Snuff Bottle’ artists from China. The design of the ball consists of an artwork by a different artist every year. The image has similarities with Rotary’s values and the feeling people experience at Christmas. A real collector’s item. But also wonderful as a gift. The ball comes in a stylish box. At the bottom of the box is a small sticker with the Rotary logo, the year and the artist’s name.

The 2022 ball: “Embrace Life”

The glass ball 2022 contains two paintings by artist Ingo Leth. The golden circle symbolizes the circle of life: life is golden. The colors red, black, and gold represent happiness.

Embrace Life: the cranes dance in life. Cranes symbolize love, happiness, togetherness, peace, and health. The most essential values in life.

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The organization

Wapadera is the organization coordinating the action and consists of members of three Rotary clubs from Emmen (NL). The word Wapadera comes from Chichewa (Africa) and means unique, special. A Wapadera Christmas Ball every year therefore means a Unique Special Christmas Ball every year.

Proceeds to charity

Wapadera has chosen causes focused on refugees for 2022.


Rotary is an international organization. Its members are committed to improving the well-being of people around the world from a shared passion and commitment.

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